• Swinger Boat CroatiaEnjoy swingers parties for couples

    Welcome to our website.
    Our new model will be to disclose a ship organized groups and because we are an association that promotes human rights and sexual freedom all profiles guests receive without discrimination ... Thus the hetero and homo person requirement is that everyone must have more than 18 years.


    On board was offered food and drink along with condoms and of course nothing is paid. Single ladies do not pay any entrance ...

    I ask all interested parties to read this text and we do not ask questions especially to those who think they knew not what it looks like from the old in a swinger club and wanted to find out for free ... Thank you.


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    Gsm: +385 95 579 0514
    E-mail: swingerboatcroatia@gmail.com

    Work hours: 17:00 - 03:00
    Single ladies have free pass

  • Location of the yacht

    Town of Split - Croatia

    The yacht is moored 100m from shore (Marjan) and it can be reached by dinghy